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Same as always, no nudity to be found here, it’s all barbie doll W.I.P.

As you’ll notice, this new Garnet has a bit of a chest. Instead of just making an oval and being done with it, I decided to give her a more realistic build as it’ll be easier to work on different costumes like her beachwear. When it comes to her main costume, I have an extra oval shaped mesh piece to put over her chest to make it look normal.

As of right now, the main problem is her head. The fro needs more shaping and her face needs flattened out a bit, among other things. Her head isn’t attached to the body yet, so just ignore the neck.  If you have any comments or critiques, please feel free to let me know. I can always use the help.

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paradoxalbanana asked: Can you put these models on the garrys mod workshop? I would love a Frybo model to pose.

Eventually I plan to put everything up on the workshop in some way or form. Its just a combination of me working very slowly paired with also not wanting to release something that I’ve deemed too poor quality. Frybo is about the only model I’d deem good enough to even try right now. I can’t promise any results since I’m always working on the next thing in some way, but I’ll see if I can’t do something with Frybo.

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If it doesn’t load properly this time then I’ll have to give up for now. Sorry for the multiple posts. Things keep failing on my end.

Operation whip something up as quick as I can and then watch in horror as it takes an hour to render has finally finished. I present to your viewing pleasure, a rushed Lapis Lazuli made to capitalize on the hype of tonight’s 30 minute special. I made her hair and dress sway back and forth, but it doesn’t really show up very well with the camera spinning.

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